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District 16 Zone C

2014 Friendship Group 

In August, 2010, Jay C. had a vision of bring a solution oriented speaker meeting to Buford, GA.  The format was to be somewhat modeled after the Pacific Group in California. In September, 2010, after brain storming with Gabe W. over the details, they found a home at Fusion Church every Sunday at 6:30 PM. Not long thereafter they were joined by the current home group members, and have slowly gained a loyal attendance. Some members include Matt W., Heather D., Earle L., Joe N., Ja C., Sonia M., Heather L., Kris P., Rita B., Joe H., and Jim C.    Gwinnett Triangle  The Gwinnett Triangle Group was started in May 1983 by Marty M. and Vicki W.  The group meets at the comer of Highway 29 and Harben Rd. in the Calvary Baptist Church in Lilburn, Georgia. The name was derived from the geographical location of the meeting- in the middle of the triangular area of Tucker, Lilburn, and Stone Mountain. The group conscience voted to study the Twelve Steps primarily. The first meeting night was on a Thursday, and by January 1994, the group expanded to Tuesday night also.

2014 Hamilton Mill Serenity Group 

The first meeting had five members (Bobby L., Billy B., Don P., Ron B. and Claude  W.) and grew to twenty members in a couple of months. The name was Sugar Hill Serenity and we formed from the Serenity House in Buford.  We met seven days a week at 8 PM. In 2009, the church remodeled for school expansion, leaving no room for AA meeting. We moved to Hamilton Mill UMC, in Dacula, GA on August 20, 2009.  The only members that moved were Don P., Kathy P., Ron B., and Billy B. but we now have over fifteen.  We now meet Friday at 8 PM and Saturday at 7 PM, and we are the Hamilton Mill Serenity Group.
The other event highlight is our New Year's Eve dinner dance held at a nice hotel within the area. It is great going to a sober event such as this. 
Our group has its problems, like any group that is as large as ours. Our average attendance is seventy-five per meeting out of one twenty-three home group members. However, the diverse personalities that create the problems also serve as the group's strengths. Our objective of living sober remains in focus we try not to have a drink today and go to meetings - at least every Monday and Friday.

District 16 Zone D

 2014 Oak Road Group

In 1983, Gwinnett County was a rapidly growing community. Darrel D., realizing there were very few meetings in the area at that time approached the pastor of St.  Matthews Episcopal Church about starting a meeting. The church was agreeable.   Five, maybe six met on a Tuesday night to establish a new meeting. They were Darrell D., John O., Hugh M., James M. (who did not stay sober) and Bob B. Possibly a sixth person was there, but that is unclear.  Darrell ran the planning meeting.

It was opened with the Serenity Prayer. The format of the meeting was discussed, and it was agreed upon to be a closed discussion meeting utilizing conference approved AA literature. The last meeting of the month would be an open speaker meeting to celebrate group members’ AA anniversary.  The opening readings were established by vote as the usual “How It Works,” “The Traditions” and “The Promises”. Bob B. suggested including the last paragraph of the Forward to the Third Edition readings which says, “In spite of the great increase in size and the span of this Fellowship, at its core it remains simple and personal. Each day, somewhere in the world, recovery begins when one alcoholic talks with another alcoholic, sharing experience, strength, and hope.”  The format was approved and remains the same format today. 

Currently, each week the group holds a Step Study, Beginners, Big Book Study and General Discussion meetings. On the first Tuesday, a Traditions meeting has been added and on the last Friday of each month the open speaker – birthday celebrations meeting continues. The meetings are still held at St. Matthews Episcopal Church in Snellville, GA.  Shortly after the AA group started, the wives of regular attendees were encouraged to start an Al-Anon Meeting. The founders of the Al-Anon group were Peggy D., Beth B. and Eileen O., possibly one or two more.  It was decided to have the meetings at the same time and same day as the AA group. Each week on Tuesday, Al-Anon has a Step Study/Tradition meeting and Fridays have a topic discussion meeting and have recently changed their meeting time to 7:00 p.m.  Both AA and Al-Anon expanded to two meetings a week as the groups saw the need and both groups continue to carry the message today. The two groups co-operate each year by celebrating with a joint anniversary dinner/speaker

We Can Relate Group 

Formerly known as the Friendship Group, this group was founded in 1983 by Wayne M., Bruce A., and Mike C. Other early members were Amy D. and Charlie W. They first met on Born St. in Lawrenceville three times a week. With twelve home group members, they now meet on Plainview Drive in Lawrenceville four times a week, including a candlelight closed discussion meeting at 11 PM on Friday.  
2014 Updated History of the We Can Relate Group  As of September, 2013, The We Can Relate Group remains a strong united group.  We Can Relate still meets at the Gwinnett Room on Plainview Drive in  Lawrenceville, but only three times a week having dropped the candlelight meeting that was picked up by another group. The We Can Relate meetings include its group conscience, which are faithfully and heavily attended by its members on a consistent basis. Service positions are regularly filled and the group is well represented and informed at state and district levels. We Can Relate has a good history of adhering to the traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous, honoring the spirit of rotation, helping others to achieve sobriety and above all, learning not to take

The Georgia Message Of AA

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District 16C & 16D 

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