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From: We Share II -Update to our Georgia Experience Book
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Lilburn Third Tradition Group  District 16 - Zone D  
The Lilburn Third Tradition group something like this: 3 drunks, Syd S. and Jim and Carol M., started talking about the need for a non-smoking meeting which led to an informal "group" conscience where it was decided to start a new meeting. One day in February, 1988, these three sober alcoholics met with Pastor S. in his study at Trinity Lutheran Church to discuss the prospect of starting an AA meeting. The
pastor was very receptive and said he would let us know the outcome after presenting the idea to his church board. It was several what- seemed-like-long weeks before we got the okay. Talk about happy, joyous and free that was us! 

Happy to have such a wonderful facility to hold meetings. Joyous, because this loving God, our one ultimate authority, had expressed himself with another AA blessing. Free from smoke. 

Syd, Jim and myself (Carol), each with our own chronic disease that made attendance at smoking meetings life-threatening, were sure there was a need for this kind of meeting. Jim and I were going to the only non-smoking meeting, in Dunwoody on Saturday night, and Syd was attending smoking meetings. We knew there must be others like us around who would benefit; however, there were skeptics who said it would never go over. Dare we say, almost the only scoffers at non-smoking AA meetings are those who never tried it enough? 

Now we needed a name. Each one of us thought about it and group conscience voted in Syd's nomination of Lilburn Third Tradition. We thought it was a good choice because we wanted the group to be known as one strong in the traditions, especially the third tradition which states, "The only requirement for AA membership is a desire to stop drinking." 

We had the church's approval and were now ready to hold our first meeting on  Monday night. Jim and I brought in our coffee pot, a used Big Book and Twelve and Twelve purchased from a second-hand book store, plus some literature we had accumulated at home. Syd brought Oreos. 

Although we were familiar with the 11th tradition which states in part, "Our public relations policy is based on attraction rather than promotion," we thought if we offered cookies the word would get around and that would help bring people in. We needed all the help we could get. Thus, a Lilburn Third Tradition custom began, that of having cookies at every meeting, something people enjoy and have come to expect. 

When a new meeting is starting up, you never know if anyone will show up. Anyhow, Syd, Jim, and I were in the downstairs part of the church ready for the first meeting when a tall man by the name of Ron N. walked in and asked if this was the AA meeting. He said the pastor had told him about it. We were so happy and excited, another blessing, what a wonderful start! Wow, 4 members and we hadn't even read "How It Works" yet. 

We started out with one closed discussion meeting on Monday nights, topic to be taken from "How It Works." As the group started to grow, we went back to the pastor and requested an additional meeting night. Thus, was born the Saturday night meeting. 

This group fills a real need and offers the recovering alcoholic a variety. At Monday's closed discussion meeting, we break up into smaller groups to include a beginner, Step, Traditions and How It Works meeting. Saturday night offers a closed How It Works and Big Book meeting as well as open speaker's meeting the last Saturday of each month. 

Today our membership numbers thirty-four. The meetings are well attended, even spilling over into the hall. Three of the four original members are still active sober members of this group. Syd is deceased. We shall always remember Syd as a founder, active member and trusted servant. We gratefully acknowledge his service work contributions to this group and AA as a whole. 

May the Lilburn Third Tradition group remember its primary purpose to carry its message to the alcoholic who still suffers, and may it always abide by the Twelve Traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous. After all, that is what keeps our fellowship

2014 For the Fun of It Group Area 16 - Zone C

The For the Fun of It Group was established May 20, 1991. Bobby L. was instrumental in bringing AA to the northern Gwinnett County area and began the noon For the Fun of It meetings at the Buford treatment facility of the Gwinnett Hospital System. This group was one of many formed in the early 1990s with multiple weekly meetings as the Gwinnett County population grew. While several AA groups existed in Gwinnett County, many offered only one weekly meeting. This meant the recovering alcoholic would need to travel throughout the county for nightly meetings.  

The Buford Treatment Facility closed its doors in 1994 forcing the group to take up residence elsewhere. Bobby L., James G. and several other members agreed to start a clubhouse to prevent further relocations of the group. Office space was located, and Serenity House of Buford Inc, was founded as a non-profit organization that would provide a safe, clean, and friendly environment to carry AA's message. At the time, this was the only non-smoking and child friendly meeting place in the area. Both the For the Fun of It group and Serenity House grew over the years and the facilities were expanded to meet the larger demand.  The For the Fun of It group has grown from a small membership of ten - fifteen recovering alcoholics in 1991 to a large fellowship with eighteen meetings a week in 2013. The group routinely has over one hundred AA members at its monthly birthday celebrations. 

For the Fun of It is very active at the group, district, and state levels.  The For the Fun of It group is located near the intersection of Hwy 20 and Hwy 23 in the same location it established in 1994. The group was founded to meet a need for meetings in the Buford area. It exists today to carry the message to the alcoholic who still suffers. The large sign hanging in front of our fellowship captures the spirit of our group: "You Never Have to Be Alone Again."

The Georgia Message Of AA

The Georgia Message of AA is printed every two months for distribution to groups and posted on the Area 16 website for your convenience.  

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