Courthouse Orientation​

Organized by Districts 16C & 16D

Held the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each Month @7:00 p.m.
at the Gwinnett Justice & Administration Center Cafeteria 75 Langley Drive Lawrenceville, GA.

*Check the Calendar to see when your group is responsible.

Courthouse orientation is a service provided to educate court-ordered individuals about A.A., specifically what A.A. is, where it can be found, and what it can and cannot do. Service volunteers read from a script, provide open meeting schedules and A.A. approved literature, briefly share their individual recovery experiences, and answer questions. Each month's orientation is overseen by one of the Home Groups in Districts 16C & 16D.

For a copy of the Courthouse Orientation Script click here.

For anyone who'd like to participate in Courthouse Orientation, click here for an Informational Flyer.

Grapevine Service Work - 3pm

Join us on the   first Sunday of each month at the Gwinnett room.  
     What do people do in Grapevine service work?  Well, just like alcoholics everywhere, "They do whatever they feel like doing!". But, corny joking aside, on the inside front cover of every issue of the Grapevine, in the Statement of Purpose, Bill W. says, "The Grapevine will try to carry the A.A. message to alcoholics and practice the A.A. principles in all its affairs.". Grapevine service work is anything that will help this little magazine accomplish it's mission, within our Traditions.

     That statement covers a lot of ground. Has a newcomer ever asked "What's, a Grapevine?" ? Here's your chance! What will you say? "It's that little magazine over on that table." Com'on, man. Is that the best you can do? We all know that 99% of people in A.A. would do better than that, even though I've heard that reply, and the sad thing is, the conversation stopped there.
     What would be your answer be? How about, "There's a couple of them over here. Check this out.", or, "I keep one in my car. They come in handy.", or, "My dog likes to chew on them.", (just joking).

     This is carrying our message. This is Grapevine service work. Have you ever bought an issue for a new person, or given one of your old ones to someone? Is it O K to buy an issue for someone instead of putting money in the hat as it goes around? (The answer will be discussed at the next committee meeting).

If you do something different, you might get some different results. Can you spare 1 hour this month? How about 45 mins.? I'm skipping my Wrestling re-runs to be there. (but I'm recording them)

Click here to go to Grapevine Website!

Interested in forming an Archives Committee?  email today!

Click here to go to National Archives Website!

PICPC (Public Information/Cooporation with Professional Community) 

This committee meets at the Gwinnett Room at 1pm on the 1st Sunday of each month.  Please check calendar for changes.

At this meeting we discuss speaking opportunities and provide training for those interested.  We carry the message of what AA is and what AA is not into schools, DUI schools as well as provide Courthouse Orientation for those "sentenced" to attend meetings by Gwinnett County.  Please come and learn how you can be of service.

For Calendar of speaking opportunities please email

Meetings are open to any other district in the Atlanta area that would like to participate, as well as to any AA member who wishes to join. 


This committee meets at The Gwinnett Room on the Tuesday following District.

Treatment/Special Needs volunteers carry the message of recovery to treatment centers, hospitals, extended living centers, and similar institutions where those who desire to stop drinking may want an AA meeting. We believe in singleness of purpose, and we provide services to both outside facilities and AA groups who wish to carry the message.

Working closely with PI/CPC, The Treatment committee initiates contact with facilities in our community who may desire to know more about AA, or to host an AA meeting. Service work includes meeting with facility representatives, giving talks, assisting AA groups with outreach to facilities, updating lists and contact information for those facilities, and related outreach activities. 

This is challenging and rewarding service work!  We are looking for as many individuals as possible who can bring ideas, enthusiasm, and energy to the tasks at hand.  If any AA is looking for service work that can enhance their spiritual program of action, this opportunity is not to be missed. We invite you to come to a meeting and see if this service is right for you.

If you are a treatment facility, halfway house, or other facility in need of an A.A. meeting, please contact us at:

Special Needs/Accessibility​

(combined under PICPC.  If interested please attend PICPC at 1pm)


Special Needs also provides guidance and consultation regarding the topic of special needs.  Some AA members or potential members may have special requirements that, if addressed by the AA meeting, would enhance their ability to attend and participate. Whatever the special need may be, AA groups should review and discuss any steps they can take to make meetings more welcoming to those with special needs.

Special Needs/Accessibility Purpose Statement:

While there are no special AA members, many members have special needs. This would include those who may be hearing, visually, or speech impaired, those who are home-bound, chronically ill, those who use wheelchairs, walkers, or crutches, and those who are developmentally disabled or who suffer from brain damage, stroke, etc.  Whatever their disability may be, it is hoped that they would never be excluded from AA meetings, Twelve Step work, or AA service.
For more information please e-mail:
Please help us identify meaningful areas of support for the Districts' special needs population by completing the survey below:

Bridge the Gap & Correspondence Volunteer Form (Corrections)
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Bridge the Gap & Correspondence Inmate Request Form (Corrections)
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Bridge the Gap & Correspondence Volunteer Form (Treatment Facility)
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Bridge the Gap & Correspondence Request Form (Treatment Facility)
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Gwinnett AA Corrections Needs You!!​​ - 1:30pm

The Corrections Committees in Districts 16C and 16D are looking for volunteers to help in any aspect of corrections work including carrying meetings into facilities, bridging the gap, corrections correspondence and collecting contributions.

Pamphlet on Corrections Correspondence
click here 

For more information on correspondence see below in the Bridge the Gap Program section.

Service at the District Level:

Sub Committees Meet the 1st Sunday of each month at The Gwinnett Room. Times listed below.

District 16c:  2nd Sunday each month at 1pm at Serenity House of Buford

District 16d:  2nd Sunday each month at 9am at the Gwinnett Room

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Special Needs/Accessibility​ Guidelines

For Information PacketClick Here

Would you like to carry the message into the Gwinnett County Detention Center?
Complete the Following Forms:







GC Volunteer Background Consent.pdf

GC Volunteer Waiver of Liability and Release.pdf


Please email all forms digitally to this email address:

*Applicants are to email Ilene their application and a copy of their drivers license*

All are welcome and encouraged to attend the District Committee meeting.  
There is a six month sober-time requirement on this service work.

*It is strongly recommended you have no outstanding warrants.

​​For more information, please Email:

Questions, comments, or                    
to publish service opportunities

Giving Non-AA talk Flyer:  Click here

please email:

PI/CPC Help Wanted flyerclick here

gwinnettaa website flyer: click here

Link to Box 459 for News & Notes from General Service Office in New York: click here
Special Needs Survey​

Please answer the following questions to help better serve our AA members with special needs. 

I am responsible.

When anyone, anywhere, reaches out for help, 
I want the hand of AA always to be there.  

And for that: I am responsible...

--Responsibility Declaration, AA Grapevine Inc. 

District 16C & 16D 

The next state training session for individuals who would like to carry the message into the prisons is posted here:

*Training is free.

Area 16 Bridge the Gap Program

for Corrections and Treatment Facilities

The Bridge the Gap Committee of Area 16 Correctional Facilities and Treatment Facilities Committee is made up of Alcoholics Anonymous members across the state that are dedicated to carrying the A.A. message to people who are seeking sobriety but are unable to participate at the community level.  Specifically, Bridge the Gap provides a way for recovering alcoholics to make contacts with AA members in the area in which they will be living after their release from a correctional facilitiy or a treatment facility.  

The most important time in an alcoholic's recovery is the first 24 to 48 hours after his or her release.  Many of these alcoholics being released from facilities are simply looking for an A.A. on the outside that is willing to share their experience, strength and hope through correspondence or is willing to make them feel at home in their A.A. community. 

If you would like to volunteer for Bridge the Gap or be a Correspondent to an inmate or alcoholic in a treatment facility, please click on the appropriate volunteer form below.

If you are an inmate in a correctional facility or an alcoholic in a treatment facility and have a fixed release date less than six months away, please click on the appropriate request form below.